Insulation transformer Mono and Three phase

Sae Electronic Conversion based in Genoa since many years is a leading company in the production of equipment for the distribution and transformation of electrical energy. 

Among the many different products supplied by the Genoa Based company, in particular in the naval sector, customer can find also insulation transformer, available in mono phase and three phase version.

Realized in compliance with all the actual regulation in the different application sectors, Sae transformers are suitable to operate in every condition, even the most demanding.

Sae transformer range

Sae can provide customer a wide range of insulation transformer, realize in open case or steel case in the following categories:

Monphase(primary voltage 1000V max, secondary voltate 1000V max, frequency 50-60Hz.)
• Trifase (Tensione primaria 1000V max, Tensione secondaria 1000V max, Frequenza 50-60Hz);
• Trifase in banchi monofasi;
• Tri/monofase;
Variable transformer ratio Variac

Where the specification of voltage, frequency and power can be agreed upon with our specialist.

In addition specific inductor and transformer mono phase and three phase can be realized following customer specification and need.

For additional information on Sae mono and three phase transformer of SAE, you can contact our product specialist at the number +39 010 7261834.

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