Electric energy conversion since 1979

SAE Electronic Conversion Srl is active in the electric energy conversion market since 1979 with particular attention to the needs of naval and industrial sectors.

Since september 2020 SAE Electronic Conversion Srl has become part of the NTS Group with a share of 100 %. Since October 2022 SAE has been merged in NTS Srl continuing its operations with SAE brand as a division dedicated to the naval sector.

The Group stemming from this acquisition is able to take advantage from all the technical and design capabilities of all the companies that are part of it: NTS  Srl(with SAE division) and Mesar Srl

Since 1979 the company is specialized in the desing and manufacturing of Uninterruptible Power Supply, inverter, battery charger, transformer, frequency converter, DC-DC converter, in addition to a variety of other power electronic products.

The wide variety of products has qualified the company as one of the most advanced and well known in its sector: every product in in fact the result of a constant research and innovation activity, and is realized taking into account the final application in which it will be used as well as  the customer specific requirements.

Streght of SAE product offer and positioning is the technical support provided worldwide on the industrial and naval electronic equipment. All the manufactured equipment and systems ca be provided on demand together with a Certificate released by all the major naval certified body: RINA, ABS, LLOYD, AMERICAN BUREAU and others.

SAE is known for its excellent customer service. The company in fact take advantage of an efficient technical department always available to set up solutions that can bring to device customization on the basis of customer requirements and needs.

Long years of experience in the sector and motivated and skilled technical teams qualify SAE as a leading reality, capable of guaranteeing products of uncompromised quality and highly competitive costs.

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