Uninterruptible Power Supply: design and installation of UPS Systems

Companies and infrastructure need a uninterrupted supply for its electrical systems, with the purpose to avoid any discontinuity in the activity, necessary to prevent service interruption, equipment damage or safety problems for users.  

Sae Electronic Conversion, based in Genoa, design and manufacture UPS systems that guarantee electrical supply and can replace line supply in case of temporary black-out.

In case of low voltage or line interruption, SAE UPS automatically takes over supply without the need of any manual operation. 

In case of interruption, in fact, there is risk of damage to the most delicate equipment. Electrical uninterrupted supply is in fact crucial for example

Uninterruptible Power Supply for naval systems

Sae Electronic Conversion is dedicated to the manufacturing of UPS also for international markets. 

Sae Products are characterized by their robustness and technological reliability: the steel case protects UPS systems and allow their utilization in every environmental condition, and thermally insulated they can operate also in harsh environment, for this reason they are suitable for naval application. 

In addition UPS systems are equipped with a synoptic panel with indicators and malfunction or fault detection . Sae electrical equipment can be customized to suit customer needs.

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