Isolation Transformers

Single-phase and three-phase isolation transformers in Genoa


SAE Electronic Conversion of Genova has been a leading company in the production of electrical distribution and transformation equipment for years.
Among the numerous products supplied by our Genoa-based company, particularly to the nautical sector, you can find isolation transformers, available in single-phase and three-phase versions.
Made in accordance with all applicable regulations in the different areas of use, SAE transformers are suitable for every condition of use, even the most severe weather conditions.

Our range of SAE transformers

SAE offers customers a wide range of insulation transformers, either open or in steel containers, in the following models:

• Single phase (primary voltage 1000V max, secondary voltage 1000V max, frequency 50-60Hz);
• Three phases (primary voltage 1000V max, secondary voltage 1000V max, frequency 50-60Hz);
• Three-phase single-stage counters;
• Three / single phase;
• Variable ratio (Variable).

with nominal voltage, frequency and power characteristics agreed upon when placing the order.

In addition, single-phase and three-phase inductors and autotransformers are available, and upon request special designs are possible according to customer requirements.

For more information on single-phase and three-phase SAE transformers, you can contact our staff by calling 010 7261834.


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