Standard and custom inverters in Genoa


SAE Electronic Conversion, headquartered in Genoa, has for years been a well-established energy conversion field capable of producing and supplying a complete range of inverters and other latest generation plants to meet any need in the industrial and nautical sectors.

Made with state-of-the-art technology available on the market and characterised by high standards of reliability and safety, SAE inverters are devices featuring an excellent waveform obtained with a high-frequency IGBT bridge that allows power of utilities of all kinds.

Characteristics of SAE inverters

An inverter is a device used in various industrial, naval, etc. environments. which converts the continuous incurring DC current,
SAE inverters also work in the most prohibitive environment because they are protected by a robust steel casing. They are also protective:

• Over and under food;
• From overloading;
• From short circuiting;
• Fro overheating.

They are available in a wide range of standard models and can also be tailored to customer’s exact specifications. For more information on the SAE Electronic Conversion catalogue, contact our staff by calling 010 7261834.


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