Frequency Converters

Frequency converters in Genoa


Headquartered in Genoa, SAE Electronic Conversion specialises in producing frequency converters and other marine equipment.

• Single phase / single phase;
• Three-phase / three-phase input;
• Universal input / three-phase output.

and with the automatic selection of input voltage (voltages from 170 to 520 Vac), particularly useful on large-capacity boats passing through countries at different voltages and frequencies.

Characteristics of frequency converters


Made of steel casings that guarantee operation even in the most prohibitive environment and equipped with a panel indicating the operating status and the presence of any alarms, the SAE converters are equipped with a particularly reliable and robust circuit configuration and can be also provided fully customised on customer request/ specification.


SAE Electronic Conversion S.r.l. a s.u.
Sede Legale:
Via Lungotorrente Secca, 12r
16163 Genova Bolzaneto

Tel. +39 010 7261834


P. iva 01229200991

Cod. Fiscale e N. iscrizione Reg. Imprese: 01229200991

R.E.A. C.C.I.A.A. di Genova n. 394105

Capitale Sociale € 50.000 i.v.

Società soggetta a coordinamento e controllo da parte di NTS S.r.l.

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